Nationstar, based in Lewisville, Texas, currently manages more than 645,000 residential mortgages with a total value of nearly $107 billion in unpaid funds. Nationstar is also one of the few non-bank mortgage providers to offer built-in origin credit features that allow it to both scale back its portfolio and improve credit quality for credit investors. In addition, Nationstar offers a wide range of complementary services to mortgage investors to improve asset performance, including REO management and credit recovery. The company currently employs approximately 2,600 people, entirely based in the United States. CWCapital Asset Management, LLC v. Great Neck Towers, LLC, 99 AD3d 850 (2d Dept. 2012), similar to the bar case, concerned a trust that held the note and mortgage, which was compartmentalized, a bank that served as a trustee for the trust and a service which, under a pooling and service contract (“PSA”), was the service of the loan. The second department wrote: The cash purchase price of the mortgage service fee (“MSRs”) is approximately $268 million. The cash purchase price for associated service advance requests is approximately $210 million, less funding.

Nationstar expects an advance of approximately $1.45 billion to finance the remainder of the related advances. The composition of the entire portfolio is expected to be approximately 75% of non-compliant loans in private label securitizations and about 25% compliant loans in GSE pools. Thus, there seems to be a donation mentality at Lehman/Aurora, which may explain why the authors/correspondents were suddenly bombarded across the country with requests to buy back loans allegedly owned by Aurora Bank. This press release contains forward-looking statements based on existing assumptions and information that involve certain risks and uncertainties that could lead to a very large desualization of actual results from future results expressed or implied in such forward-looking statements. The main factors that could influence these statements include the delay in Nationstar`s enforcement proceedings as a result of investigations by certain attorneys general, judicial administrators and public and federal authorities; The impact of the implementation of the Dodd-Frank Act on Nationstar`s business activities and practices, operating costs and overall business results; the impact on Nationstar`s service practices regarding enforcement orders and agreements reached by certain federal and state authorities against the largest mortgage service providers; Increased court proceedings and related costs; continued deterioration in the residential mortgage market, increased monthly payments for adjusted rate mortgages, unfavourable economic conditions, lower real estate values and increased bonds and defaults; the deterioration of the reverse rate mortgage market and the increase in execution rates for reverse mortgages; Nationstar`s ability to make effective use of high-risk loans; Nationstar`s ability to reduce the increased risks associated with rear mortgage service; Nationstar`s ability to compete successfully in the mortgage and mortgage industry; Nationstar`s ability to maintain or expand its service portfolio and make significant investments in personnel and technology platform, successfully identifying attractive acquisition opportunities, including mortgage rights, sub-service contracts, service platforms and origination platforms; Nationstar`s ability to adequately adjust and integrate its acquisitions to realize the expected benefits of such potential acquisitions; Nationstar`s ability to raise sufficient capital to cover its financing needs, including, but not limited to, our ability to obtain sufficient advance financing facilities to finance the purchase price of this acquisition; Nation`s ability