The agreement comes from the fact that the aviation industry is facing increasing security problems and a growing need to protect itself from the possibility of using explosive or explosive devices in airmail. The Universal Postal Union has signed a new partnership agreement with the International Air Transport Association to collaborate on various air shipment safety initiatives. The UPU, which represents 192 of the world`s postal administrations, said that better cooperation with IATA, which includes 240 global airlines, would improve the level of service for both sectors, as the Postal Service will continue to depend on airlines to provide fast and reliable services. The UPU, which is close to the UN, said the partnership agreement was signed last month as a “strong platform” for launching joint initiatives with IATA. Faced with such difficulties in changing mail with Europe, the United States had already taken the lead and called for improved international postal agreements. General Montgomery Blair, postmaster of the United States, called for an international postal congress in 1863. At their meeting in Paris, delegates defined some general principles of post-cooperation, but failed to agree. [10] The Universal Postal Union responded in May 2019 by convening for the third time in its history an extraordinary congress from 24 to 26 September 2019. [25] Members voted against a proposal by the United States and Canada[26] that would have allowed for immediate self-reporting of final costs.

[27] The UPU then unanimously adopted a Franco-German compromise that allows final self-reported levies of up to 70% of the domestic shipping rate and increases up the UPU`s terminal costs from 119 to 164%, which gradually incorporates the two changes from 2021 to 2025. In addition, countries receiving more than 75,000 tonnes of mail could receive terminal charges declared on July 1, 2020 against a $40 million “contribution” to the UPU itself. The United States was the only country to receive more than 75,000 tons of mail. [28] Peter Navarro, a Trump adviser, said the agreement had “more than achieved the president`s goal,” but he denied that the United States “buys” the deal with his “contribution.” [28] UPU Director Siva Somasundram hailed the agreement as “a decisive decision for multilateralism and the Union.” [30] [29] IATA and upU have developed a recommended practice (RP1677) indicating that airline members must use the framework when feasible when entering into a service agreement with a DSB. This framework contributes to the formalization of the contract between a DSB and an airline. It shows its commitments, commitments and how to respond to irregularities and problems. The UPU and IATA, based in Montreal, have been collaborating in one way or another since 1956. The new agreement follows the agreement already signed in March 2007. Akhilesh Mathur, “The UPU supply chain coordinator, said that promoting and promoting safety in postal air transport is one of the key themes of the new agreement.