13. TRANSMISSION TO THIRD PARTIES. You may only transfer the software directly to third parties with the device, the certificate of authenticity and these license terms. Prior to the transfer, that party must agree that these license terms apply to the transfer and use of the software. You may not retain any copies of the Software, including the backup copy. This EULA is a legal agreement between you and WinZip Computing S.L., a 100% subsidiary of Corel Corporation, including all associated companies and contractors acting on our behalf (together “WinZip”, “We”, “Us”, or “Unser”)) with respect to your use of the Software. If you do not have a separate written agreement with WinZip with respect to the Software, your use is subject to the EULA. Here you will find some libraries licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL), version 2.1 (LGPL-2.1). The BSD 3 -Clause licensed parties (or “New BSD” / “BSD New”) are available here.

The software on this device includes software licensed from Microsoft Corporation or its subsidiary. OUR INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS. The software is protected by U.S., Canadian and German laws on the protection of intellectual property, as well as by international laws and contractual provisions regarding the protection of intellectual property. Therefore, you may not distribute the software without our permission, unless otherwise provided by euLA or the law. If you purchase or download the software in China, India, Indonesia or Vietnam, you may not copy the software or printed materials that are added to the software for any purpose. If you purchase or download the Software in a country that is not expressly prohibited by this AESE, you may only create (in addition to the usage copies mentioned above) one (1) copy of the Software (or you may retain one (1) copy of the Software on a single hard drive) for backup or archival purposes. For backup or archival purposes only, you may either create one (1) copy of the Software and printed materials, print one (1) copy of a User Document when you have downloaded the Software, or keep one (1) copy of the Software and printed materials (or user documentation) on a single hard drive. Unless otherwise authorized, you may not copy the software or printed materials accompanying the software (or print copies of user documentation if you have downloaded the software).

You agree that WinZip, the WinZip logos and other WinZip marks, service marks and graphics are trademarks of WinZip International LLC, a Corel company (some in the United States and/or other countries) or trademarks of WinZip partners (“Marks”). They do not have any right to use trademarks without the permission of the owner, unless this is permitted by mandatory law. They will not remove, conceal or modify any proprietary notices affixed to or contained in the software. You understand and agree that we have the right to suspend at any time the sale, distribution, maintenance or updating of the Software (any part thereof) as well as the Services or Offerings. The scope and duration of support services related to the free version of the SOFTWARE (“SUPPORT-SERVICES”) are provided by SECUREAGE at its discretion. Use of the SUPPORT SERVICES, if any, is subject to secureage`s policies and programs described in the user manual, “online” documentation and/or any other material provided by SECUREAGE. Any additional software code made available to you as part of the SUPPORT SERVICES is considered part of the software and subject to the terms of this EULA. .

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