“I sent an email to Currys and about a week later I received an email that said my email had been lost and if I wanted a response to send it again, and they would respond in 24 hours. We may change from time to time, at our discretion and for a period we deem appropriate, by providing you with written notice: (a) to change the fees of one or more parts of this Agreement, taking into account your credit/creditworthiness profile at the time of your application; (b) vary interest rates or fees based on any part or parts of this Agreement, taking into account your performance under this Agreement or your credit profile; and/or (c) calculate lower interest rates for higher balances. To request a refund of your credit, please contact customer service. Refunds may take 7-10 business days to be refunded and must return to the source of payment, proof may be requested. Follow-up interest (also known as remaining interest) is the amount of interest incurred between the payment of your credit card bill and receipt of payment. Outstanding interest only applies to cash advances and balance transfers, as interest on such transactions is calculated on a daily basis. Yes. If a cash limit is displayed on the “your account statement” page, you can withdraw cash from any ATM that displays the LINK or Mastercard logos (up to £250 for storecards and £300 for mastercards per day or £500 per week up to your available credit limit). A cash processing fee of 5% or £5 (which which is higher) is charged. The ATM may also charge you a fee for cash withdrawal. A cash credit may be subject to a higher annual effective rate than other transactions in your account and interest is payable from the date of the transaction. If you are unable to pay by the due date, it is likely that your fees will be charged to your account.

This affects your credit file. If you are having trouble making a payment and would like to set up a payment plan, you can do so by phone on 0371 376 9214. The surcharge fee is levied if your credit exceeds the agreed credit limit….