The waiver of a jury trial means that any litigation arising from the agreement would be tried, but before a judge and not before a jury of your colleagues. Employers will do this because juries tend to be more friendly to individuals and less sympathetic to my employers who come after the little guy. Employers don`t want it because they try to limit their liability and increase their chances of winning when they sue you for breach of contract. There are some advantages to arbitration. The most frequently cited advantage is speed: arbitration will almost always be much faster than a court proceeding. Also, arbitration is much less formal and lacks much of the confusing and restrictive rules that can make the court difficult for workers. But there are also serious drawbacks. Studies have shown that a balance between employers and workers has the statistical effect of reducing benefits for workers and reducing monetary comparisons when workers earn. The employer will probably be much more familiar with the trial and even with the respective arbitrator used.

Finally, the arbitrator also has an intrinsic incentive to give more favourable results to the party that brings its activity. Remember that an arbitrator is a private company, not a state or federal institution. These are just a few of the many considerations to consider when deciding whether or not a termination agreement should be concluded with an existing employee. If your situation is such that you are considering a severance agreement, contact a lawyer and assess if possible and take due account of the unique legal and business issues that your situation may represent. Have you suffered a breach of a severance agreement? If so, an employment law specialist can help you determine the best steps to pursue your legal rights. Goodwill: Severance packages can often acquire a level of goodwill from otherwise angry employees. Such packages can mitigate the blow of redundancy and provide workers with income and health benefits. A happier former employee takes care of a less de-detruting former employee. This is particularly important because severance agreements only release the rights available to the employee on the date or date the contract was signed. As a result, a worker (in the opposite agreement of missing language) is generally free to reapply for a job and, if not chosen, to sue his former employer.