At the end of each month, the work program updates a list of collective agreements from previous years that include 500 or more employees in provincial regions and 100 or more employees in federal jurisdiction. The aim of this agreement is to maintain harmonious and mutually beneficial relations between the employer, the Union and the workers, by establishing certain terms of employment which have been agreed by collective bargaining. Calgary Airport Authority (the “employer” or “authority”) The Public Service Alliance of Canada, Union of Canadian Transportation Employees, Local 30301 (the “Union” or “Alliance”) Caption: The new addition to the list. indicates that the compensation is displayed for the first time in the list. The agreement has been ratified. indicates that a new regime has been ratified. The comparison now employs less than 500 people. points out that the new subdivision now has fewer than 500 employees (province) or less than 100 employees (federal). The employer recognizes the union as an exclusive bargaining partner for all employees of the Calgary Airport Authority, without: General Manager, Directors, Secretaries to the President and Vice-Presidents, Manager, Planning and Engineering, Manager Operations, Manager Material Contracts, Manager Computer Services, Manager Financial Analysis, Manager Building Electrical, Manager Structural Facilities, Manager Mechanical Facilities, Manager Airfield and Mobile Services, Manager Field Electrical, Manager Transport and Parking, Security Manager, Payroll Administrator, Security Officer Controller, Assistant Officer Controller, Summer / Co-Student.