I have about a dozen Space Pawdyssey scripts done and ready to be drawn. Space Pawdyssey #5 and #6 are good to go.  I’ve gotten to the point that I can crack one of these out in just over a single evening. With that said, you can probably expect a bonus comic every Tuesday. Friday is the guaranteed update. Tuesday is the “if all goes as planned” update.

Next Friday (Aug 12) will introduce Rowan. That will leave only Connor to officially introduce although you’ve already seen him as an action figure and a poster.

Someone on stream asked me about the characters and relationships — specifically would there be any romantic relationships between characters.  Right now the plan is “yes”. I have a plan for these characters and how they will interact long term but it will depend on how things develop and weather the characters change from concept to when pen hits paper. Toby and Lex’s relationship is strictly a close friendship but that will be touched on in fair detail over the next couple of months. We talked a bit on stream about GLBT representation as well and I shared my thoughts on what I mentally picture as the orientation of various characters.  I’ll leave you guys to guess what those thoughts were.