Space Pawdyssey would not be possible were it not for those who supported me and the work over the last few months.  There are many people I want to thank — friends, family and those in the community — but there are a few individuals I will call out specifically.  I will also be adding Patreon backers to this page as well!

Patreon Backers:

Anonymous – the first Space Pawdyssey patron!

Alex Hamilton – the second Space Pawdyssey patron!

Thomas Giesler – the third Space Pawdyssey patron!

Special thanks to:

Fredryk Phox – This guy knows his stuff.  His work on A Fox in Space directly inspired me to start drawing again and inspired me to start Space Pawdyssey. He also helped name Etzel.

Allan Buck – Want a punny name for a comic strip you need only ask my circle of friends.  Buck named this strip, so special thanks goes out to him.

Shawnee – The first Space Pawdyssey fan art was created by artist Shawnee.  I’m eternally grateful.

Print Three – Printers for the Space Pawdyssey Preview comic.

Gabriel Albuquerque – Translated Space Pawdyssey to Portuguese. You can find the translated comics at