A former maintenance worker aboard a space station, Felix requested a transfer to a starship so he can travel the galaxy.  He’s good at his job and enjoys helping others but he finds himself longing for something more.  His knowledge of ships and military history is extensive and he has no issue talking at length about either topic. He remains optimistic about his assignment to the Axiom despite the fact that the ship itself is a run down transport vessel. He hopes to one day be a Galaxy Ranger like his idol, Captain Connor and keeps an extensive collection of Galactic Ranger action figures.

Felix is unquestionably book smart and clever but he lacks both emotional intelligence and social tact which can cause friction between him and other members of the crew.


A mercenary by trade, Lex wears his emotions on his sleeve and he has no issue in letting people know what he thinks.  He cares deeply for his partner Toby and would do anything for his friend. Lex distrusts authority and the Alliance and sees Connor as a representative of both.

Despite his cranky attitude, deep down Lex has a big heart.


Toby values the small blessings in life – his friend, his job, his Frosted Sugar O’s and his cartoons. A refugee from the Felidae System, he is one of the few surviving cats in the galaxy and the only survivor of a once noble house. He values the friends in his life above all else. He travels the galaxy as a mercenary with his partner Lex and seldom seems to take anything very seriously. While Felix is upbeat out of naïve optimism, Toby is upbeat despite his troubled past.

Toby is skilled at combat, especially at close quarters. He is also less than upfront about his past and in particular his family’s noble position in Felidae society. Rumor has it, he was part of a noble house on Felidae but keeps that part of his past hidden.


A super-serious security officer, Rowan puts her job first. She aspires to climb the ranks of the Alliance command but feels her career has been held back due to her father’s criminal history. She feels somewhat envious of Felix’s ability to be optimistic but also feels a degree of concern that he’ll one day find himself disappointed by the realities of the world.

Rowan is often frustrated by her peers and feels that few others take their jobs as seriously as she does. While she is able to overlook Felix’s failings, she’s less able to overlook Connor’s and openly criticizes him.


A member of the Galactic Rangers and poster child of the Alliance. He’s know for several great feats of heroism and is a household name throughout the Alliance worlds. Connor has both a children’s TV series and an action figure that carry his name.

Despite his celebrity status, not much is known about him as a person and his recent role as Alliance spokesperson have kept him out of action for some time. In truth, he’s filled with self-doubt and concerned that he cannot possibly be the hero people make him out to be. He often relies on sarcasm and self-deprecating humor.


The ship cook, Etzel is upbeat and outgoing.  His cooking skills, however, are questionable.  The only foods he seems to server are variations of nutrient mush. That said, he also doubles as a morale officer for the crew.


Felix’s newest friend and a medic on Nexus. Rose shares his interest in the Galactic Rangers and his admiration of Connor. She’s far more traditional than Toby. While he aims to abandon the traditions of his upbringing, Rose wishes to learn more about them.