Curious about what Felix is going on about?¬† Here’s what he’s saying:

They were pretty reliable. Many of the systems have redundancies which makes it pretty hard to take one of these out of commission. The thick hull makes them pretty resilient to weapons fire too. That came in quite handy during the war. The only reason they stopped using them is the fuel efficiency and maintenance cost. They aren’t cheap to maintain and it takes¬† a lot of skill to service them properly. The thick hull and redundant systems add to the mass of the ship so it takes a lot more fuel to get one of these puppies moving compared to
the newer, lighter transports. During the war a lot of time and effort went into designing more efficient, more heavily armed ships. Warthogs fell out of favor and the few that remained after the system was evacuated were decommissioned. Or so I thought. They are one of the first ships to use the A/M hyperdrive and one of the first ships that didn’t require jump gates for interstellar travel.