This one took some work to finish but it was worth it. New backgrounds, new character, etc all takes work plus this is a four row layout as opposed to my usual three.

I’m going back to standard cell shading. I think it looks better and I get more consistent shadows.

Niki is only here for this page for now but I do really like how she came out so I may find a way to fit her in again. She’s an echidna. Nexus’s primary population includes echidna and platypus making them the perfect place to host a meeting between the mammals of the Alliance and the Avians. :p

I may have some delays in the coming months. This page took a bit and there are going to be a lot of pages in the near future that require new backgrounds or some more elaborate scenes. This may take a bit more effort and cause me to miss days. I’m also currently facing some (positive) IRL distractions that have taken some time away from drawing.